Surroundings to visit

About 1000 meters from the town can find the beautiful beach of Simius

The Beaches


Cava Usai Capo Carbonara

Campu Longu

Porto sa ruxi

Punta Molentis

Fortezza Vecchia

Cabbage Island

In front of Casa Tacconi. On the island you can explore its creeks or take a hiking trail to the lighthouse. There are two versions regarding the name of this island. According to the older version, cabbage is derived from gavuru, meaning crab, and thus it was originally Crab Island. According to the more recent version, the name of the island refers to the presence of many wild inedible cabbage plants, scientifically classified as Brassica Insularis.

Places of interest


Marine protected area

Nuraghi central Sardinia

Bars & Restaurants

su Forreddu

Sa Tanchitta


The Garden


Santa Maria